Latex Mattresses

Our latex rubber foam mattress can work wonders for any aches and pains you may be experiencing. Due to the exceptional back support and pressure relief, experts agree that latex is the best material ever incorporated into a mattress. When you sleep on a latex mattress, you will alleviate stiffness and neck and back pain, as well as increase circulation throughout your body. Many pains experienced throughout the day are caused by insufficient support from sleeping on a mattress that is too firm or non-supportive. 

Gel Memory Foam Mattress Houston, TX

7 Inch Dunlop Blended Latex Foam Rubber for a Spectacular Value
  • This Dunlop Blended Latex Rubber is an Unbelievable Value for Anyone Interested in the Best Sleep System
  • Genuine Dunlop Blended Latex, 7 Inch
  • Natural Fiber Fire Retardant Layer
  • Quilted Silk-Like Luxurious Cover
  • Solid Wood Foundation

9 Inch Talalay Blended Latex Foam Rubber 
  • The Talalay Latex Foam Rubber is Freeze Dried in the Molding Process for more Softness and more Support, for Better Blood Flow and Healthier Body Regeneration for a Better Lifestyle
  • Genuine Talalay Blended Latex, 9 Inch
  • Natural Rayon Fiber Fire Retardant Layer
  • Premium Quilted Cover
  • Solid Wood Foundation

12 Inch Mattress Set with 6 Inch Dunlop Blended Core with a 2 Inch Talalay Plush Topper and a 1 Inch Super-Plush Talalay Blended Topper and a 3 Inch Quilted Cover
  • The Combination of Quilted Top and Blended Latex Dunlop and Talalay Foam Rubber Makes for a High-Profile Look with Great Support.
  • 2 ½ Inch Plant-Based Foam Quilted to a Comfortable Fabric Cover
  • 1 Inch Super-Plush Talalay Blended Latex Foam Rubber Topper for Complete Healing Blood Flow
  • 6 Inch Dunlop Blended Latex Foam Rubber Core
  • 2 Inch Plush Talalay Blended Latex Foam Rubber Topper for Added Support and Comfort
Once you spend the night on a latex mattress from Houston Mattress Factory, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one! We carry all standard sizes, including king, queen, full, twin extra-long, twin sizes, as well as custom sizes tailored just for you. Call for custom orders today!
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